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Nobody Is Listening
Nobody Is Listening is the third studio album by English singer-songwriter Zayn. It was released on 15 January 2021 through RCA Records. It is Malik's third solo album, following the masterpiece Icarus Falls, released in 2018. Nobody Is Listening was preceded by the singles "Better" and "Vibez".
Latest Video: Vibez
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“Penshoppe” Interview

Earlier this month, global retail giant Penshoppe unveiled singer and international heartthrob Zayn Malik as the newest face of their Spring/Summer 2018 campaign. Joining other Penshoppe endorsers Kaia Gerber, Joran Barrett, Nam Joo Hyuk, and Bella Hadid, the former One Direction star solidifies his stand as one of the most influential names in both music and fashion.

What makes him the perfect addition to #TeamPenshoppe? “Zayn is always at the cutting edge of trends and is never afraid to experiment,” says Brand Director Jeff Bascon. Sporting easy-to-wear pieces in statement-ready prints, playful stripes, striking colors, and plush textures, Zayn looks just about ready to celebrate summer in style.

What’s it like for you to work with a brand like Penshoppe?
It’s great and super humbling to collaborate with such a cool brand.

What is it about Penshoppe’s style that attracted you to work with the brand?
I like the urban elements in Penshoppe’s pieces.

Anything from the collection you’d like to take home?
All of it, please.

Can we expect to see you in the Philippines soon?
I’d love to come. Soon.

Speaking of clothes, what’s the signature Zayn Malik look?
I think I’m known for my love of jewellery and a bold leather jacket.

Who would you consider as your style icon?
I wouldn’t necessarily say I have a style icon for me in that I dress like him, but Prince had such an amazing way of putting things together like no one else.

From tattoos, to shaving your head, you seem like you’re game to try different things. But is there a kind of look that you wouldn’t ever try?
Never say never…

How has your style evolved since your beginnings in the industry?
I’m so lucky to have been invited to incredible fashion shows and taken part in amazing shoots which really help you define your style.

What influences your sartorial choices now?
I’m always finding inspiration from the people I meet and the cities I go to. I love mixing street style with high-end pieces.

What type of music did you listen to growing up and do they play a role in the kind of music you’re making now?
I was raised on Bollywood and R&B in my house and it definitely made me who I am today.

What’s been the most challenging part about putting out your own music?
I really want to make music my fans are going to love, which is honest, and music that I’d want to listen to myself.

Can you briefly describe your creative process, from writing songs to conceptualizing for the music videos?
I make every creative decision in my career which means that what my fans see is truly authentic to who I am. I’m always gathering images and links to things.

Any musical artists that you’re looking to collab with next?
There might be some good collaborations on this album…

Music, check. Fashion, check. Will we be seeing you on the big screen anytime soon?
I absolutely love film, which is one of the reasons my Dusk Til Dawn video was directed by Mark Webb – it’s definitely something I want to explore more of in the future. And I plan to.

You’ve already accomplished a lot at 24. But do you still have a dream you’ve yet to fulfill?
Of course, time will tell.

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